Our city ... Detroit, Michigan

Thanks for swinging by. If you've stumbled upon slow | down | town, you might be wondering what's up with the name of this blog. Let me quickly explain.

I'm a 30-something gal living and working in Detroit, Mich. with my husband. We live in the city {and love it}, but the pace of life and the lack of green space is a challenge for both of us. Between demanding jobs with loads of travel, families, friend networks and one another, there's barely enough time to get dinner on the table, not to mention cook a recipe using ingredients I've actually grocery shopped for. This space that we've found ourselves in - constantly moving but constantly unsatisfied - was the instigator for a more intentional lifestyle.

When I decided to begin writing about our efforts to pump the brakes on busy and practice gratitude, I knew that I wanted to include our city base as a primary component. SlowDowntown.com, a play on "slow down" and a nod to our urban locale, seemed like a perfect fit. So, here you are ;)

This blog is a place where I'll be exploring the things most important to me:

- Cultivating a welcoming home base for ourselves, family and friends
- Rebalancing our health and happiness
- Working toward financial freedom
- Simplifying all aspects of life

I invite you to follow along and if you're so inspired, I really hope that you'll share some of your own story as well.

Want to reach out? You can reach me anytime at slowdowntownblog@gmail.com.


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