drinking your greens: my favorite juice recipe

Monday, October 23, 2017
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There was a point in my life when I would wake up early every morning to press vegetables through the juicer. Not so much, these days. 

But a weekend? A gloriously cloudy fall weekend, nearly demanding that you stay under a blanket and off the rainy roads? Well, I can definitely manage some juicing then.

And every time that I do, I get a little jolt of joy. Nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables. And {nearly} all the goodness from them, squeezed down and simplified into one little meal. Breakfast perfection for someone like me whose stomach doesn't crave big meals in the morning.

Fresh juice options weren't always plentiful in my little neighborhood, but they're not so hard to find any longer. Even though, I'm a sucker for the far less expensive method of simply juicing my produce at home, made ultra easy with Saturday runs to the farmers market.

My go-to recipe, which is less of a recipe and typically just what I have on hand, works perfectly with my hand-me-down juicer: 

Three-Minute Sweet Greens

- 1 apple, any variety (or "sweetener" of your choice - carrots or pears also work)
- 1/2 celery heart (typically, five stalks, including the leafy innards)
- 4 cups baby spinach (packed tightly into the juicing column, two cups at a time)

Steps: Wash all produce. Chop apple into quarters, and run through juicer. Juice all celery stalks. Turn off juicer and pack spinach into juicing column; turn on and run for a few beats longer than normal, allowing the spinach juice to flow as you turn off the juicer switch.

Finally, carefully remove produce discards and place once more into the juicer column. "Re-juicing" allows additional nutrients to be squeezed out, and more fibrous particles to make it into your drink. 

There you have it. Simple. Healthy. And actually, pretty damn good. 

Smoothie sidebar
One of my best friends who happens to be a dietitian routinely reminds me that blending foods is healthier than juicing them, given that when blended, all of the fiber remains in the smoothie (whereas it's left behind as pulp when juicing). With that in mind, I spend most of my time blending these days, and end up with less food waste that way, too. 


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